My Simple Guide to Hostess Gifts


The holiday season is in full-force, and I’m sure your calendar is filling up fast with holiday parties and events in the coming weeks. This is one of my favorite parts of Christmas time, so many friends willing and excited to open up their homes for the best time of the year.


Something I’m passionate about is remembering to honor your host and hostess. I’m sure each of you know how stressful it can be, especially around the holidays, to deep clean your home, cook, and get the table set perfectly; even for a small gathering for a few close friends. There’s so much thought and planning that goes into each party, and I never take that lightly. So today I wanted to give you a few unique ideas that will ensure your hostess feels your thankfulness, without you having to spend more than $10-15, or taking longer than ten minutes to put together

For these gifts we designed a few printable tags for you to attach! Click here to print.
hostess gift tags-01

This first idea is just as simple as it is beautiful. I picked up a rosemary plant at my local nursery, grabbed an empty terracotta pot from my greenhouse and potted the herbs. I took some baker’s twine, and tied this sweet tag around the outside.

Total cost: about $6


The second idea is a more classic gift that your host will put to good use. A white, sweet smelling candle with a thoughtful little gift tag. I opted for a white candle so it would blend with any decor your hostess opts to use. I also added this small sprig of fresh greenery, which I cut from my garden, because going the extra mile with presentation won’t go unnoticed by your recipient.

Total cost: about $12

My final gift idea is a unique spin on bringing fresh flowers. Rather than spending a potentially large amount of money on a professionally done bouquet, opt to bring fresh greenery from your garden or yard in a unique vessel they’ll find a use for after the flowers die. I have a whole cupboard full of antique vases, creamers, and jars that I pull from for occasions like this. If you don’t have a collection to choose from, buy an inexpensive version from an antique shop, yard sale or even your local craft store. Go outside and cut a few branches of leaves. If you don’t have much to work with in your yard, grab some holiday florals from the farmer’s market or a local wholesale florist.
Total cost: about $12

These quick and simple ideas would also make excellent teacher gifts or Christmas gifts for your co-workers.

Taking the time, even just ten minutes, to assemble one of these gifts will make all of the busyness worth it for your hostess. This holiday season remember to honor your hostess; the smallest effort will go a long way. Enjoy!